GeoReach Protect

Staff safety

 We live in increasingly uncertain times; times in which security, peace of mind and safety are hard to assure. But, we work in a global environment and looking after your assets, your staff and their families is both a legal and ethical requirement. WorldViewer is the GEOREACH control system. It can operate on desktops. macs and any web-capable device such as a smart phone or tablet, without the need for any software to be installed – so your response team can even go mobile.

  • Know

    your employees are safe or that they need assistance

  • Be alerted

    when your employees enter a high risk area or leave a 
safe zone

  • Focus

    your resources on employees most in need in the case of an accident or incident

  • Inform

    your employees of breaking news which could impact their safety, based on their precise location

  • Ensure

    compliance with local and international law surrounding duty of care and employers’ liability

  • Watch

    live web-feeds from a comprehensive and global selection of webcams or a company’s own CCTV as a situation develops

Asset Management

Transferring valuable assets from one location to another can be high risk.

  • Reduce Risk

    by offering both ‘off the peg’ and bespoke solutions for organisations, their assets and their people

  • Real time

    identification of supply chain delays, problems and thefts

  • Track

    anything – from couriers to containers, to the individual assets in the containers. GEOREACH can track them all. Other assets, from fine art, to vending and cash machines should be fixed. But, if they move, GEOREACH gives you the earliest possible warning that a theft may be underway