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Georeach for individuals

The world can be a dangerous place and incidents can happen at any time. GEOREACH is a powerful yet simple to use service that periodically sends your encrypted location and battery level to approved Control Room security personnel who can monitor your safety.

  • Feel safe

    Georeach uses your smartphone to track you. The app can be downloaded and installed within seconds – and it doesn’t matter which smart-phone you have or which network you’re on – Georeach works across them all – seamlessly.

  • Everywhere and Everything

    Georeach works on satellite networks and we often deploy covert and hidden devices.

  • Always On

    Once the app is downloaded, tracking begins. You can go to another app and continue your day, safe in the knowledge that operators are proactively monitoring relevant news and intelligence sources including crime statistics, weather and environmental reports, medical updates, social media and breaking news – specific to your precise location.

  • Keeping you safe

    If you approach a dangerous area, you’ll automatically be notified. Should an event that threatens your safety occur – you’ll immediately be alerted and asked to confirm your safety. By knowing your precise location, operators can quickly advise you of action to take.

  • Peace Of Mind

    Georeach gives you peace of mind twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week – meaning we’ll be there for you before you even know you need us.

  • Giving you safe havens

    At a pre-agreed time or location, check in to confirm your safety.

  • Privacy

    If you want privacy, press the Hide My Location button.

  • Watch me closely

    Feel uncomfortable? Activate “watch me closely”. This increases the frequency of sending your location to the response centre, and alerts operators to your discomfort. They can then focus more resources on monitoring the situation near you. It’s also particularly useful when travelling from the airport to your accommodation in a hostile country.

  • Procedures for your safety

    Should your safety be compromised, activate the SOS. Within seconds operators will be implementing emergency procedures. Take pictures which are automatically transferred to the response centre, or open a phone-line to allow operators to hear what’s happening around you.