Well being

We keep you, your assets, your staff and their families prepared for the unexpected and away from threats to their security, by analysing and predicting their movements, integrating global security intelligence and sending them alerts.

Safety & Encryption

Our product seamlessly integrates leading edge tracking and mapping technology, global security intelligence and over-watch services for organisations, individuals and assets. We employ highest security standards such as forward secure encryption algorithms that protect your personal data.

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial Intelligence system processes millions of signals and events every second – predicting whether a dangerous situation is likely to occur and if so, assisting anyone impacted to avoid it.

At your service. Any time. Any place.

We live in increasingly uncertain times. Times in which security, peace of mind and safety are hard to assure. Whether you are an enterprise, institution, government or an individual we help you change that. We make your world safer by protecting what is most valuable to you: your family and colleagues, your belongings or your business.

About Us

GEOREACH is the first next-generation, geo data visualisation service that seamlessly integrates leading edge tracking technology, international security intelligence and over-watch services for organisations, governments, individuals and assets.

GEOREACH is an application that can be downloaded on all major smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone 8) and operates on both GSM and satellite networks.

GEOREACH can also be integrated covertly into any day-to-day item, such as clothing, jewellery, watches, shoes, luggage or hardware.

The GEOREACH management team and board of advisors consists of senior individuals drawn from Government, special forces, the intelligence agencies, counter terrorism and mobile and satellite operators.

  • Easy to use

    GEOREACH has the market-leading intuitive and easy to use, yet very powerful, interface – both for mobile users and operators – reducing training efforts to an absolute minimum.

  • Compatability and Battery

    GEOREACH works across all major smartphone brands and operating systems. GEOREACH is optimised for minimum battery drain by using a unique, proprietary methodology ensuring you don’t have to worry about battery life.

  • Intelligence

    GEOREACH uses a variety of intelligence sources to determine threats – any time, any place. GEOREACH also offers you the possibility to seamlessly integrate intelligence sources of your choice.


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